2. Important VMware Settings for BalanceNG

BalanceNG needs the ability to operate the connected, physical interfaces in promiscuous mode. In a VM setup this requires that the VM has the permission to do that in turn.

Attached below is the ESX Server 3 Configuration Guide (vi3_35_25_3_server_config.pdf). For enabling promiscuous mode on the virtual switch see pages 50 and 51.

For ESX version 2 you may look at this PDF from VMware and do the reverse as suggested on page 8: esx2_security.pdf.

In some cases you need to convert the VM before with the free VMware converter tool available here: www.vmware.com/products/converter/ .

If VMware vSphere is being used, the Security Policy settings “Promiscuous Mode”, “MAC Address Changes” and “Forged Transmits” need all to be set to “Accept” (see Edit Security Policy for a vSphere Standard Switch for further information).