License Keyfactory

Please enter the purchased serial number together with the serial number password and the nodeid that you want to license. The license key will be generated immediately and will be sent to the supplied email address.

To get the nodeid just type “show nodeid” in BalanceNG interactive mode (entered with “bng control”) or invoke “bng -N” from the shell as root.

Please note that this process may bind the serial number purchased to the actual node that BalanceNG is intended to run on and that this binding is not automatically revertable.

If you just want to check the current status of your serial number in the Key Factory database just specify “status” in the Node-Id field, the status information will then be sent to the supplied email address.

Serial Number:
Serial Number Password:
Node-ID: as shown by “bng -N” (or enter “status” for serial number status information)
Email Address: