4. How to setup the loopback alias for DSR on Windows

This is done by installing and configuring the “MS Loopback Adapter” by following these steps on each Windows based Target machine participating in a BalanceNG DSR (Direct Server Return) setup:

The installation of the MS Loopback Adapter works as follows:

  • Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Hardware
  • Add/troubleshoot a device->Next
  • Add a new device->Next
  • No, select from list->Next
  • Network Adapters->Next
  • Select “Microsoft” as Manufacturer->select “MS Loopback Adapter”->Next->Finish

The configuration of the just created Loopback Adapter is as follows:

  • Start->Settings->Control Panel->Network and Dial up Connections
  • Right click on new adapter selecting properties
  • Only “Internet Protocol” needs to be selected (remove selection of “Client for MS Networks” and “File and Printer sharing”)
  • TCP/IP Properties->enter IP address of virtual server (the sameaddress as in the BalanceNG server ipaddr definition)
  • do not enter a default gateway
  • Advanced->Set Interface Metric to 254 (this step is important to stop ARP responding)
  • OK and save all changes.