BalanceNG is a telco grade and fully embeddable software load balancer.

Its internal IP stack is highly optimised for load balancing and high availability (and nothing else) – instantly getting you free from any OS boundaries.

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NEW: 4.130 (license maintenance) Thu May 13 17:25:35 CEST 2021

  • The internal log message date format has been changed slightly to comply to RFC 3339 timestamp format.
  • The vnodeid generation has been clarified and changed:
    • On macOS the vnodeid is now always identical to the HW MAC address of the en0 interface.
    • On Linux the vnodeid now always solely depends on the /etc/machine-id identification file.
    • All customers with vnodeid licensing in place need to relicense with this release.
    • The nodeid mechanism and the OEM licensing procedure remain unchanged.
  • The license revocation list has been updated.
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