General Questions

How is BalanceNG related to Balance ?

Is there a Web GUI available ?

What are the main advantages of BalanceNG compared to a LVS/Keepalived combination ?

What is the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) of BalanceNG ?

What's the best way to get started with BalanceNG ?

Technical Questions

How do I avoid ARP-Problems on Linux (what is ARP-Flux) ?

How do I setup the loopback adapter on Windows 2008 ?

How do I setup the loopback alias for DSR on Windows ?

How do I setup wget as an external health check ?

How do I switch off 'failed to write JUMBO frame' warnings ?

How do I upgrade a live HA installation ?

How do I upgrade the IPv4 and IPv6 location databases ?

Is there a bngagent port for Windows ?

What's important to run BalanceNG inside a VMware VM ?

Please take also a look at the BalanceNG Knowledge Base.