16. How to upgrade the IPv4 and IPv6 location databases

From time to time we include an update of the IPv4 and IPv6 location databases with a new BalanceNG release.

If you need to update the location databases before you may always do this by your own as follows:

Download the following two files from http://software77.net/geo-ip/ :

  1. IpToCountry.csv – IPv4 database (choose “IPv4 CSV” either .gz or .zip)
  2. IpToCountry.6R.csv – IPv6 database (choose “IPv6 RANGE (gz)”)

These two files need then to be moved to /opt/BalanceNG.

The BalanceNG commands “ipdb” and “ipdb6” (with no arguments) will then load (or reload) the databases from this default location.

If you run a BalanceNG VRRP cluster, we recommend to install the new databases on the current backup node first, and then on the other node after initiating a failover. Here a summary of these steps:

  1. Install both IP database files on the current backup node.
  2. Restart the backup with “bng restart”.
  3. Initiate a failover by executing “bng stop” on the current master node.
  4. Install both IP database files on the now stopped previous master.
  5. Start this node with “bng start”.

Please consider to donate something at their site, this data is incredibly useful.