BalanceNG on macOS is now installed with a few easy steps as follows:

Step 1: Extract the tar distribution file

$ tar xvfz BalanceNG-4.102-macOS.tar.gz

Step 2: Copy the bng binary to /usr/local/bin

$ sudo cp ./BalanceNG-4.102-macOS/bng /usr/local/bin

Starting BalanceNG on Reboot

Just edit with “crontab -e” as super user (root) the crontab file and add a line as follows:

@reboot sleep 30; /usr/local/bin/bng start

The “sleep 30” makes sure that the network configuration is set up and ready before BalanceNG starts.

Binary Release Information

$ sudo bng -r


Just remove /usr/local/bin/bng like this:

$ sudo rm /usr/local/bin/bng