Debian 10


BalanceNG on Debian 10 can be installed with dpkg as follows:

# dpkg -i ./balanceng_4.xyz_amd64.deb

Alternatively, you may also use apt like this:

# apt install ./balanceng_4.xyz_amd64.deb

As an additional step you need to install libpcap0.8 like this:

# apt-get install libpcap0.8

Starting BalanceNG on Reboot

This is automatically done by installing the file /etc/init.d/bng. This script will start any BalanceNG instance with an existing configuration file.

Package Information

For querying if BalanceNG is installed, and – if yes – showing exactly which release is installed execute the dpkg command with the -l option (and pipe it into egrep) as follows:

# dpkg -l | egrep BalanceNG
ii  balanceng                     4.100                       amd64        BalanceNG - Inlab Networks Load Balancer


Deinstallation of BalanceNG is straightforward (just specifying BalanceNG is sufficient):

# dpkg -r BalanceNG

Any existing configuration files like /etc/bng.conf will not be deleted by this dpkg package removal. This allows to upgrade BalanceNG easily without touching the BalanceNG configuration files in any way.